A transformational tool that uses self-awareness and emotional intelligence to produce healthy organizations and individuals.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is similar to a personality test on the surface but much deeper. It does not just describe what people do, it describes why people think, feel, and act the way that they do.

This knowledge allows Kaizen to accelerate the growth process for individuals and organizations.


Through the Enneagram, Kaizen is able to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and breakdowns in communication. That allows us to teach the necessary practices and tools needed for healthy organizations and clients.

Professional Development for Organizations comes with a wide range of thoughts and feelings. At times there is lots of excitement and laughter other times it becomes very serious as people breakthrough barriers. 

In the end, people feel like they can be themselves professionally and that they are understood by their colleagues. Organizations are able to communicate more effectively and authentically. This creates a healthy work culture, increases teamwork, productivity and career happiness.


Individual Sessions​ are like therapy sessions with a coach who challenges, encourages, and pushes you to become better.

In individual sessions, there is a deep dive into clients' Enneagram Type and how it affecting their career and personal life. Clients are given practices, advice, and exercises that help disrupt unhealthy patterns. Kaizen also helps clients to perform better interpersonally at work and also prepares them for a career that matches their strengths, gifts and talents.

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