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Incredible Resume

What’s included?


Info Gathering Session/Phone Meeting – Once we mutually agree to work together. I will set up a phone meeting or send a template to gather information to include in your resume. We will focus on highlighting your achievements and the skills that separates you from other candidates. The phone meetings usually last between 30 minutes to an hour.

Word Resume – Use this version when applying online via job boards or company websites. Most companies use tracking systems to scan your resume and these systems don’t read PDF documents properly.

PDF Resume – This version of the resume should be used when sending your resume via email. The formatting won’t change in this form and it will keep the professional appearance.

ATS Help - Advice for navigating through Application Tracking Systems

Cover Letter and Resume

What’s included?


All Items From Incredible Resume:

- Info Gathering Session/Phone Meeting

- Word Resume 

- PDF Resume 

- ATS Help

- Kaizen Tips and Tricks

  • Resumes without relationships is worthless

  • Cover Letters should go straight to hiring managers

  • And more

Your cover letter will be specific to the job/industry that you are applying to so that the hiring manager knows that you are serious about adding value to their organization. 


Resume and Cover Letter services are included in all coaching packages