BetterHelp is an affordable online counseling service. They work with individuals, families and kids. 

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You receive 10% off your first month of your counseling sessions.

My Bonus

I get a one time varying percentage based on your specific initial counseling plan. 

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CP Enneagram

Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes are the founders of CP Enneagram and teach Masterclasses. They are two Enneagram teachers that I trust and learn from myself.

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You get $75 dollars off their masterclass if you enter FORTHEGRAM at purchase.

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I get 10% of your purchase that goes towards my certification program fees through CP Enneagram.

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I am not even sure if it offers an initial discount but you can use it for free so its worth checking out.

My Bonus

20% for all paid referrals


This is where I build my courses. I love it, they make it so simple to use and it's beautiful.

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I literally use Canva to design every single design item I need. It is so easy to use. Logos, social media post, and youtube banners.

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Try Canva Pro for 30 Days totally FREE! It is almost unlimited the amount of things you can do creatively.

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If you stay with Canva Pro after 30 Days I receive 25% of a yearly membership and 80% of a monthly membership(not completely sure how that 80% works but I am calling Canva soon to find out)

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Video Editing software made simple at a super affordable rate. It even has a free version you can test out. 

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Use: MENCJFD7 for 30% discount for Recoverit.

I think this one may vary depending on the time of year. Sometimes it is one and sometimes it is not.  You are welcome to try the free version. That's how I started.

My Bonus

30% for each purchase of Filmora9

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Coming Soon!

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