Enneagram Coaching

Grow Better Faster from a Certified Enneagram Coach. Coaching is working with clients privately to increase self-awareness and accomplish client-driven goals

One of the most important steps in coaching is making sure you are well educated on your Enneagram type so you can actually become aware of your behavior, thoughts and feelings. 


As self-knowledge grows clients are able to become aware when they start to exhibit habitual and automatic behaviors. Clients start to recognize when they are spiraling and thriving.

At this level, clients are not just aware of habitual behaviors and thoughts they now have a game plan to alter them. Clients know and appreciate their strengths and have created strategies to offset weaknesses. 

10 Reasons Why You Need An Enneagram Coach

I get that hiring a coach to teach you about the Enneagram and how it impacts you can feel excessive, but here are just 10 instances where hiring an Enneagram coach is a good investment:


1️⃣ You’re new to the Enneagram, and it’s confusing. - You’ll receive great foundational teaching of the Enneagram from an actual person when you hire a coach.


2️⃣ You can’t figure out what your Enneagram type is. - No idea? No problem, we’ll help steer you in the right direction.


3️⃣ You’re afraid you’ve mistyped. - Hiring an Enneagram coach will ensure you’re asking yourself the right questions, and aren’t leaning on stereotypes for typing yourself.


4️⃣ You can’t figure out your wing/subtype. - Wing types and Subtypes can explain so much about our behaviors in relation to the Enneagram and bring you a whole lot deeper into self awareness.


5️⃣ You want to know how to use the Enneagram practically. - The memes are funny and the descriptions are accurate, but how do you use this in everyday life? Let a coach give you practical steps for your growth with the Enneagram.


6️⃣ You want to know how to use the Enneagram in your relationships. - Wish we would do a series just about you and your spouse's types in a relationship with each other? That is the information a coach can give you.


7️⃣You need help to know where to start your growth process. - Getting an objective opinion on where to start from someone who KNOWS about your type is invaluable!


8️⃣ You want to know more about your specific wing combination and sub-type. - Want to know more, but don’t have time for research? I’ve already done the research for you, and would love to share with you about your specific Enneagram wing type and subtype.


9️⃣You love the Enneagram and want to understand the whole system better.


🔟 You’re considering becoming a coach yourself. - Want to know how coaching works? Treat yourself to some coaching.

Source: enneagram.life