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Interview | Systemic Racism & Systematic Work with Milton Stewart In this crucial conversation, Abram, Creek, and Drew talk with enneagram teacher and podcaster Milton Stewart about systemic racism and the need for each of us to do our inner work in order to be about the outward change we want. We cover a lot of ground: double consciousness, code switching, spiritual and racial bypassing, and more. Milton is a wise soul, and is a profound voice in the enneagram community.

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We have a gem of an episode and a gem of a human to introduce you to today. Meet Milton Stewart, Certified Enneagram and Career Coach and host of Do It For The Gram Podcast. Milton shares how working with children has helped him face his type 7 fixation and expanded his ability to sit with all of his emotions. He shares his experiences working with the Enneagram in schools and how it can be used to support others in a work environment. Monica and Hanna get to hear one of the most powerful stories we’ve ever heard about how the Enneagram can be used to create safe spaces to address racial inequity.