I Use the Enneagram To Help Organizations Create Healthy Cultures and Individuals Grow Personally and Professionally 


Why Use The Enneagram?

A Holistic Approach To Personal and Professional Growth

There are plenty of personality test such as Myers-Briggs(MBTI),Strengths Finder and DiSC but none compare to the impact of the Enneagram. The Enneagram is more than a personality construct it is a growth tool. It allows individuals and organizations to truly get better through making better decisions based on a deeper self-awareness of self and organization.


The Enneagram helps you discover the "why" behind "what" you do. Using the Enneagram will literally improve every aspect of your life. (Life/Career Direction, Relationships, Communication, Personal Development, Clarity, Self-Mastery)

Speaking on the Enneagram 

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Kaizen Services


1-on-1 private coaching that drills down on your specific pain points to help you turn weaknesses into strengths


Educating groups of people on the knowledge of the Enneagram and the transformational power that it has to offer 


Working with organizations and using the Enneagram to help address organizational issues and develop a healthy culture



“Milton is very enthusiastic and funny when appropriate. I liked the way we need to relate to others. Good info to grow on.  I am going to recommend this to many friends and family ” 


—  M. Sebastiani, Interventionist

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